Single prongs in a double pronged pattern

There are times when you are forced to evaluate your technique. Dropping specific stitches repeatedly by accident. Insert definition of Insanity here, please.

The pattern I am working is an easy two pronger. That means I’m transferring two stitches every time. Except at the apex, vertices, cornices, whatever you want to call it. The top (or bottom) of the diamond. There is just one spot that it really doesn’t work. The 4 and 8 transfer. Now, I was using my two pronger for the assault on the intended stitches. Was I going too fast? Was I trying to get three moves in one? I’m not sure. After dropping stitch 5 and 7 multiple times, it doesn’t matter. Out comes the single prong to simplify. Using the single prong doesn’t really simplify the moves. Instead, it creates a little dance. 5 to 6, stitch, 4 to 5, pull out needles 4 and 5. 7 to 6, 8 to 7, pull out 6,7 and 8.

I’m trying to avoid having 3 stitches on the 6. It is harder for the carriage to move across the bed. It also creates a more defined look for the stitches next to the lace holes. I decided on this design by accident, but not only do you have lace, you have a textured pattern of raised stitches.

Imagine when you were a kid, sitting next to your mom in some long drawn out affair. You’d find anything to distract you. Taking your finger, you follow the patterns next to the holes in her wrap. You try to see how many diamonds you can make without raising your finger to jump a hole. She’s glad that you are occupied and quiet, and you have a maze of your own.

That’s the idea of the texture, for me anyways. I was the squirmy kid in church who played with Mom’s diamond ring, watching the rainbows.

Back to the point, faster isn’t always better. Slow down, enjoy the pattern. We can’t all be two prongers.


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