Woohoo! First week of school done. Everyone, including the teachers, survived. I consider that a success.

Meanwhile, I’ve added more rows to the wrap and considering what kind of border contrast to do. I managed to not drop the whole piece off the machine, but did have to undo two rows.

Today’s drama- the Monster stroller lost a wheel. It was acting hinky on the way to school and proceeded to throw a wheel on the way back. Otto says it is fixed, but that’s what he said last time.

We finished up the day at the Duck pond. The twins started a lightning lap around that dwindled to a meander. But a good hour of walking and playing should’ve tuckered them out. The bowls of ice cream and cookies, well, that was just replacing calories.

Tomorrow, i want to start Sebastian on his scarf. He wants to learn to knit on the machine! Yay.

I just found a transfer tool in my hair. Better go stick it by the 322 before I lose it.



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