Who’s Cheerios Did I Pee In This Morning?

In today’s society, the word ‘Seriously’ has become the fist shaking equivalent of ‘God (or gods) where art Thou’. The meaning behind all that is ‘Why, of all people, ME?’.

So, seriously, who’s favorite brand of cereal did I pee in this morning?

Was it the goddess of yarn? She’s not as tempermental as some. The god of all things mechanical? He’s usually pretty malleable, as long as you treat his objects of power with care. The goddess of tension? She’s either tight or loose, it is hard to get her right. Or just the god of Cast-ons and Cast-offs. He’s usually a steady fellow that keeps it all together. The culprit may be the god of weights. You never have enough when you need them, and he’s a heavy fellow to piss off.

Let’s review the day’s events. I cast on my waste yarn and did a few rows. Changed out to cord, and did a few more rows. I did a crochet cast-on. Tension was good, everything looked good. So why does my carriage not want to go? I pulled out my needles. After a mild argument, I pulled out two rows and hand knit them.

I’m going to give it another try, but until I know who the culprit, I’ll just have to appease them all. Seriously?


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