A Bit Hey-go-mad

Saturday was my 6th wedding anniversary. I spent it trying to get a ribber for my 322. I had been sniped out of one the night before. Hubby was actually looking up prices for a new one. (I already knew it was out of our budget).

The drive for the ribber was based on the fact that I had spent 8+ hours ribbing his socks. He wants socks. I want to make them. Neither of us want me to not be able to walk afterwards. So my sweet hubby made me a wonderful stand. It helps quite a bit on the back, but not the time.

We found a deal, made an offer. We were waiting on the counter offer, but instead, the seller said yes. I would feel a bit guilty, but since it was a months’ allowance, the budget didn’t twinge a bit.

So no steak dinner. If my husband was home every anniversary, birthday and holiday, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. He’s got a .5 average of making any given date. I even forgot to get a card. I never forget the card. Usually that’s his job.

His birthday is also this week, and I’ll just have to try and make it extra special. Hmmm, can I get a sweater done in time?


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