Birthday: Top Super Secret Mission That Never Ends!

Birthdays should be a simple thing.  People buy you presents, you unwrap them and you feel happy. Right?  Try having three birthdays in one week.


We wanted to get the twins new bikes for their birthdays.  They’ve gotten bigger, and it is starting to cause issues with the peddles and balance, and, well, everything.  We wanted something exciting, but with training wheels.  Next spring is early enough to do the full on, two-wheeled riding.

My lovely Hubby goes to Target to look for bikes.  We’d scoped them out, and wanted 18″ bikes.  Target had only 16″ers.  He calls me up, to let me know that he didn’t find what we were looking for.  Me being the naive mommy that I am, thought maybe Toys’r’Us would have them.  Um, yeah. The TRU in the GPS was a Babies’r’Us.  It is an hour drive to the nearest big kids’ store. Hubby goes and checks inside, just in case. Wally world has one. In total, he goes to 6 stores to find 2 18″ bikes.  They are awesome, they are cool, and they are almost perfect.


Part II

Bikes hidden in the garage, it was time to take the kids shopping for each other.  And Dad. If you tell your kids, ‘Hey, we’re going on a Top Super Secret Mission’, they might get a little excited.  A bit curious, maybe.  Sebastian was great.  He knew we were up to something.  The twins freaked out.  They did not want to go, no matter what.  5 minutes of screams and whines, and we were at the base exchange, unloading.  They were grumpy the whole way in.  We walked up to the ice cream counter, and dad leaned over, “Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to eat ice cream and wait with Mommy while Sebastian and I go on the second mission”.  Of course, Sebastian had a grumbly look by this point, but cheered up after he was told he’d get ice cream too.

The big boys went in and picked out gifts for the twins.  The twins picked out their very first real ice cream cones (we’ve always done cups). They walked very s-l-o-w-l-y to a booth, so that they didn’t drop their ice cream.  The second mission took a bit of time.  Then the big guys come back with double and triple sacked presents in hiding.  Hubby took them out to the car, so that no one could poke or prod them.  I took Jamie in first.  At a soon to be 6, they were just beginning to understand about buying presents for other people.  Jamie wanted this and that, but eventually picked an Etch-a-Sketch and remote controlled truck for Lukas.  He told me flat out what he wanted.  We were headed to the door, when I remembered that we needed a present for Dad too.  We ran over, and Jamie picked out a shirt.

Sebastian was standing outside the entrance of the exchange.  I handed him the keys, and asked him to put the bag out in the car.  I had asked him where Dad and Lukas were, and got some kind of mish mash about washing faces.  I thought we should wait where we were, as the bathrooms were opposite the food court.  Silly me.  Hubby comes walking up with Lukas from the food court, and asks if I’ve seen Sebastian.  Apparently, HE was supposed to have washed his face.  I reassured hubby that all was well, and Sebastian would be back.  I grabbed Lukas, and off we went.

Lukas quickly understood the mission, and I was able to take him over to where Jamie’s present was.  We paused to have a good look and some of the other toys, then it was off to get Dad’s present.  Lukas was fairly easy. He’s my sweet boy who rarely causes a fuss.

Then, we were back outside the exchange.  Hubby and I had to decide how to get the boys to a happy spot, and let Sebastian and I get another present for him.  Apparently, Jamie had already let it slip that we were getting Dad’s presents too.  Hubby covered his ears and said ‘Don’t tell me.  It’s a surprise!” Ahhhh kids. Dad took the kids to the car to watch a movie, while Sebastian and I raced back into the store.  Sebastian picked the perfect gift, having spotted it earlier.  Then we were outside headed to the car.  Top Super Secret Mission accomplished. Almost.



Dad had a good birthday, full of gifts and carrot cake. The twins even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him twice! They don’t like to sing at all.  I got the twins’ presents wrapped, and the cakes baked this morning.  We had a small problem.  One of the bikes didn’t come with training wheels.  After dinner, I headed out to pick them up.  Then it was chore time, followed by bed time.  For chore time, while the boys were all occupied cleaning up, hubby decided to go put the training wheels on the bike.  No big deal, right?

The back tire was flat.  As in, big hole next to the air valve flat.  Frustration was radiating off my dear husband.  Things can never be easy.  He went to put the boys to bed, and I rushed over to the exchange.  No 18″ innertubes.  Patch kit and small bike repair kit in hand, as we couldn’t find the other one, I raced back home.  Hugged and kissed my kids good night and watched them in their footie pajamas, run back to bed.  Dad and I headed into the garage.

We successfully got the rear tire off.  I even managed to patch the tire correctly.  Then, I thought I put another hole in the tire.  We pulled it off again and patched it. Both patches looked great.  Then there was another hole, and another hole, and yup, you guessed it, another.  No patching was done after the second one, but hubby inspected the bike frame, and thought some of the metal might have punctured the tube in multiple places.  He got a foam brush and some plasti-dip. He coated the wheel frame, so that hopefully, it won’t puncture the next tire.  I can only hope.

The saga will continue tomorrow, to see if I can find a new tube to go in, before we open presents tomorrow night. Maybe I will get to knit tomorrow.  I seriously doubt it.


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