Fixing a Sponge Bar or Two

Today, I’m finishing up my sponge bars. Here’s the link I used for directions Knittsings


You may ask yourself, what the heck is a sponge bar. Well, it is this little bar that hides under the needle bed, to hold the needless in place as you knit. If you buy a used machine, and it doesn’t knit correctly, the machine more than likely isn’t broken, it just needs a new sponge bar. Even my barely used ribber needed a new one. Sponges wear out. (Really, its an easy fix, and who ever invented the sponge bar was quite clever).

How do you know if you need a sponge bar replaced? If the needles have a tendency to pop out of line, particularly up or down while sliding your carriage across- definite indicator. If you have oiled your machine and it is still hard to move the carriage, time to take a peek.

Sponge bars can be found by looking at the side of the needle bed. Look to the right, and you’ll see a square hole. You might be able to push it out with your finger, but I had to use a flat head to push mine far enough out. Then you look on the other side of your bed, and viola, there it is!




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