Time Flies

Oh my, where to begin? I’ve gotten some lovely packages this week. My coffee syrup order from Lollicups. White chocolate, chocolate mint, caramel and raspberry. Finally getting my morning coffee in the groove again!

A very dusty, damaged Studio sk700 found its way to me from E-bay. With some cleaning and repairs, I will hopefully have it working soon. The knit radar (a nice device designed to make any yarn fit a pattern) is broken. The mast part of the yarn tension unit is missing. The row counter is missing the triangle that forwards the count. Worst of all, tho, is the carriage that keeps shedding parts. Just a wee bit of work and elbow grease ahead.

A package from Goodwill auction came bearing a Corona carriage, clamps, and the coolest little patterning gizmo I’ve ever seen. It also had a tappet tool and some transfer tools. The second auction box had a tension mast and rod (thank goodness), garter bar set, some cooky tools and a knit radar 5, complete with patterns.

I’ve been wanting a garter bar set since I got started. On E-bay, they range in the $24-60 range. I had already bought an incomplete kr6 pattern set, so now I will have a set to share with a friend. I’m hoping to repair the kr7 in the 700 with the parts from the kr5. If I can’t, I’ll exchange them until I can get the kr7 fixed.

To make simple sense of all that: 1. My coffee fix is fixed, 2. I got roughly $300-400 worth of equipment for about $100. Of course, I lost my glasses for most of the week and can’t find a tappet tool.

Queen Victoria is due to deliver sometime very soon. Yes, girls, we will have baby Wawas soon. Call it Christmas in September. Of course, they’ll probably be Solstice pups and tempermental.

Jamie has been cleared by the cardiologist, and the neurologist upped his meds. Otherwise, little man is doing great!

The twins have been doing their first week of homework cheerfully. That probably has something to do with the gummy bears and m&m’s I’ve been bribing them with.

I attempted to go to a yoga class this week. Apparently the moon and stars were out of alignment. We got there late, my neighbor and I. I was definitely feeling motivated, so I worked out with the Xbox. Yes, it hurts to breathe. And walk. And lift objects. Enthusiasm can overcome many sensible ideas.

I also managed to unload baby clothes and socks. In the process, the garage got trashed. Just another thing to fix this weekend. Hopefully, I will be moving freely by then.

I’ve almost finished Alex’s sweater and gotten 50 odd rows of Mom’s wrap done. I keep dreaming of sweaters and patterns, but other things keep getting in the way. It is almost Friday, and I’m behind in some things, ahead in others.

Time has flown by, forgetting that it should’ve stopped for me. I feel like I got dragged behind a low flying pegasus.


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