Needing A Yarn Fix

I need a yarn fix. I saw a bunch of vertically knitted sweaters and decided I need one. I also haven’t knitted on a machine in days.

Last night, I did the math and figured out what I wanted. Gauge swatch done and measured. I just need to knit, right?

I leisurely got up at 8:30, made my breakfast, and saw the table I needed to get finished. I had planned on painting Sebastian’s vintage dresser. (Vintage meaning it is older than me and cost $15 at a yard sale). Laundry has been overflowing all week due to drama and disease. That gauge swatch sat there, staring at me from the laundry room door. We’ve also been trying to get Sebastian to the exchange to cash a check and let him shop.

As I was eating breakfast, Jamie walked over in his underpants, ready to swim. Between Hubby and I, we’ve got round one of the painting done. Pools cleaned, aired up and refilled. Laundry is going. We ran out of paint, so a run to the Exchange is in order. I snuck off while the paint was drying and charted out some cable patterns. I want to use the cable to create an empire waist-type of shaping.

I don’t know if I’m going to get to knit today. I’m watching the twinks swim, knowing we need snacks soon. Dad’s dreading the shopping trip. Laundry needs switching out. Can’t say I’m not dreaming of a slightly darker than lavender, sparkly yarn sitting at my machine, calling to me.

Maybe I’ll sneak off after dinner. Laundry be damned! But, it is my turn to put the kids down. Coffee and an all nighter? Maybe, if I can get up early tomorrow, before the kids…


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