Yesterday was a no knit day. I had cast on to make my sweater, but the first attempt ended in a stuck carriage and yarn torn apart. I was trying to work on my 322, with the ribber pushed down. I really just wanted to knit. The second attempt ended with 8 stitches knit and the rest fell off. I decided I was obviously not concentrating, and went to paint my toe nails. (Sometimes it helps to just take a break).

We worked very hard this weekend and had a very long day on Monday. And, well, sigh, this week hasn’t gone much better.

The twins had a rough morning getting to school and queuing up to go into class. The sound of airplanes really upset them, but it was over before I got their headphones. I went to give Jamie’s teacher a heads up.

I know I look harried and hassled just about every day of the week. But she always looks put together. Not today. Her husband just deployed and one of her kids had an ear infection. I know that look. She was about to get 28 children, and I’m willing to bet she’d wished she could go back to bed and bury her head under the pillow.

I made her a goody bag. Not much, not expensive, just a little something to say ‘I know what you’re going thru’. Hopefully, it will make her smile. I know that I had fun making it. Maybe it will provide us both a little inspiration.

My husband will most likely be leaving for a trip in the next week or so. I’ll only have a few days notice. We just dealt with stomach flu, so hopefully we’re in the clear for a bit. All the appoinments are booked so that I can do them while the kids are in school. We’ll stock up on easy fix meals. I will, hopefully, get all the laundry done.

I’ve been a single mom before. It is nothing new. I miss my hubby when he’s gone. The hard part is doing without him. He’ll take the boys out so that I can work in peace. He picks up the milk, when we’re running low. When the boys are misbehaving, he’s my back up. He’s the spare set of hands that I need.

Yes, I give him a hard time about throwing his laundry on the floor or letting the dishes pile up. He gets side tracked six ways from Sunday. He spoils me rotten. Some days, he’s the only adult I talk to.

Yes, I understand why she has bags under her eyes and why she needs that moment before the kids come rushing in. That will be me. So I hope a little bag of goodies will cheer her up. A little recognition of what she’s going thru. Because other than her husband, no one is going to tell her ‘thank you’ for all that she does, while he’s gone.


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