Buttons, Buttons, Who’s Got the Buttons

I just got in my second stash from http://www.shopgoodwill.com. Let me tell ya, JoAnn’s and Michael’s don’t have anything over a good thrift store stash. The Goodwill site is an auction based site. I’ve already picked up several hard to find items. Yes, you have to clean them, but a $30 button (yes, a single button goes for $30), for a nickel, is worth it.

Between the two stashes I bid for, besides all the unmatched knitting needles, I’ve gotten 8-10 pairs of usable needles that would retail for about $60; various sewing implements – who isn’t always losing a tapestry needle?(;) beads and baubles, crochet hooks out the wazoo, and two button stashes. Overall, if I was to go to a hobby or sewing store, it would all add up to several hundred dollars worth of stuff. Not all of it is usable or even cleanable, but most of it is.

Sometimes, as a knitter, you make something that could be fabulous. It’s just missing that one special ingredient to push it over the line. Hats, wraps, scarves and socks can go from WoW to Ama-zing! with the help of the right button(s) or beads.

My two button stashes obviously took years to compile. There are vintage silver buttons, fancy accent buttons, one of a kind buttons, and a wide mix of everyday buttons. One collection was still on the cardboard it came on, and the other was just a plastic bag full of various buttons. But they both have little treasures.

There are several large mother of pearl buttons that would look fantastic on wraps. Several wooden buttons with carved designs that would be awesome on a hat with a cabled band. Small plastic buttons that would dangle from crayola striped socks or accent some fingerless gloves. Everything’s there from classy to glassy, plain and fancy, cheap to uniquely expensive. All of them waiting for the right project to come along.

So, as my husband sighs over my ever growing collection of craft gear taking over his garage, I’m dreaming of cloche felted hats, dangily scarves that jingle as the wearer goes by, and knee socks that glitter with little buttons up the back.