Getting Tied Up

Christmas was survived! Hubby added 4 new sweaters to his wardrobe, and I have accumulated a few more machines that need to be cleaned and repaired. If only the garage wasn’t a frost bitten space. My little heater does’t work so well when the mercury dips below 45.

I’ve moved my Brother k390 back into the house and started a new sweater. This one is a dropped stitch crew neck with a vanilla tweed wool yarn. It is an interesting experiment.

I woke up early this morning and puttered around the house before even church mice would be awake. I made a good raspberry caramel latte and sat down at my machine to work on the rib at the bottom of the sweater. As I was removing the waste yarn, the yarn got stuck. I checked for knots, catches, anything that would cause the yarn to stick. I finally pulled at the end to have a look see. The end pulled back.

My cat, Barbara, was having a good chew on her captured prey. I gave the end another jerk and it came flying up. Thus began the game of me trying to work, while my needy cat pulled, chased, chewed and frolicked with my yarn. She ended up with yarn in her mouth, wrapped around her head and paws for good measure. She, at least, had a good morning. Reveille sunded, and I had to go wake the house, leaving her and the waste yarn to play.