All The Leaves Are Brown

Ok, this post is a non-knitting, yet applicable post. The last post, if you didn’t get the main idea, was leaving it all behind and moving. Not neccessarily forward, just moving.

Today, I was the superhero who saves the world, in a video game. (Even supermom’s play video games). One of the characters asked me why I wanted to save the world. The only answer I found palatable, was, that I liked my world the way it was. That got me thinking…

Humans can’t agree on how our world began, much less, how it will end. I guarantee you, once man had enough time to contemplate how the world began, he’s been worrying about it ending. Here’s a news flash – we’ve all been dying since we were born, not much point in worrying about it.

In correlation with that idea, our world has been hurtling towards the end since it began.

There are two words that describe the whole shebang. Stasis. Change. There are more scientific words for it, but I’ll stick with those.

The majority of the U.S. population never lives more than 25 to 50 miles from their birthplace. Some people never leave their hometowns. Maybe it was the first few thousand years of hunter-gathering that tired them out. They sit in a kind of stasis. That cliche of ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’.

In general, people don’t like change. They have to be pulled and yanked into it. Those that bucked the system, left the town for the big city, invented flying machines- they were the freaks, the laughing stocks. Until. (You can fill in the blanks).

Now, we applaud those freaks for the latest phones, computers and scientific discoveries. What once was rare, has now become the norm. Stasis. Change.

Moving to a bigger picture, climate control and global warming. We humans, have exacerbated Mother Nature’s changes by speeding things up. Or have we? I won’t disagree that we’ve seriously fudged up the world. Pollution is killing not only nature, but us as well. Survival of the fittest, right?

What about the ice age? Was that natural? Or does a huge comet come into play and get blamed for causing it? Comets are natural, aren’t they?

The world rotates every day, the moon goes around the world, and the world dances around the sun. That’s been going on for how long?

Not one minute, or second, has everything EVER been the same. The sad fact is, our puny, no matter how freakish, minds can’t grasp it. The human mind, like children, craves rules, borders, boundaries. It desires permanency in a world destined to continually change. That’s led to the rat race, life in the fast lane and the definition of insanity.

Humanity craves stasis. One place, one thing, one time. The only thing that craving ever got us was change.

Let your thoughts take you where they lead you. You might like it, you might not. Will it be something different?


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