Times Are A’changin

It’s Monday, after time change. I woke up about four this morning with a back ache. I crawled back under the covers around five thirty.

I started to dream. My house (not any house I’ve ever lived in), was flooding because my husband forgot to put the lid on the dishwasher. It began raining outside, and I had to get the kids to school. The road was closed because there were lions on the loose. I took the kids back home to deal with the mess. I called the school and explained the situation. They said it would be fine, and they understood why we were still at home.

“Momma, it’s time to get up!” my impish son Jamie yelled as he jumped on the bed. I looked at my watch, seven thirty! My oldest had gotten up, fidgeted to wake someone up. So, he woke the twins. Then, knowing he might get in trouble for waking me up, convinced the two imps to come wake me up. The whole process taking 30 minutes.

Then we rushed to school…


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