Don’t Fear the Reaper… Or Knitting

From birth, we develop fears. Sometimes rational, sometimes not. We learn to fear falling, but then we overcome our fears and learn to run so fast Mom can’t catch us.

Some fears we conquer and some we let slide and hang onto. I still sleep with all my body parts on the bed. No hanging over the edges for me. My husband hates that I typically sleep with one animal in the bed. Yes, my longhair chihuahua will keep me company when we hear a bump in the night. We will tremble together, until we figure out that the bump is just dad crawling into bed in the wee hours of the morning.

Knitting isn’t usually associated with fears, but I know you. I am you, at some point in your knitting career. You go to the store and spot a simply beautiful design and would love to knit it. BUT, you don’t think you have the skill, time or patience to muddle your way through. Something tells you that you can’t do it.

Poppycock! Yes, I said poppycock. Buy the book. Look at the pattern. Upon first reading, it might seem too hard. It may be. My suggestion is to look at the pattern, determine what seems to be above your skill level. Then look for a ‘how to’ book that will help you work your skill up.

A good ‘how to’ will start with simple projects and progress to harder or more difficult patterns. Another option is to check YouTube for videos that teach that skill. Craftsy also offers step by step video classes that walk you from basic to expert topics. If you haven’t signed up at Craftsy, sign up and wait for a sale to get the classes or patterns you want.

When there is something I want to make, I jump in head first. I usually end up in a ‘sink or swim’ situations, but I like swimming. My husband may not appreciate the yells or expletives complete with yarn being tossed down, but he knows I’m a stubborn sort. And I will conquer.

Get your feet wet before you plunge into that pattern, and you might decide you like it. Don’t be afraid to try it. In the immortal words of Peter Pan, ” To die would be an awfully big adventure”. So too is knitting 🙂

Am I off base? Or do you have a knit story to share?

20130320-092850.jpgQueen Victoria refusing to pose. She’s quite an ankle biter.


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