Color Me Stymied!

My husband picked out a black yarn for one of his sweaters. Plain, black, yarn. So of course I had to pick out a pattern with decorative stitches! Dad expects the sweater for Christmas 2013 or 14.

The book is

    Traditional Knitting, Patterns of Ireland, Scotland and England

By Gwyn Morgan. Printed in 1980. The pattern I picked out is the Aran Crew Neck Sweater. Easy enough, right? 120 stitches per row, 24 line repeat.

I’ve pulled the darn thing apart 5 times now. I’ve charted it and rewritten the directions on index cards. Then highlighted them. I’ve master t2r and t2l AND t2p. There is no reason that I can’t knit this sweater.

Part of the issue with it, is the pattern itself. Each row is written in paragraph format. It’s one single, long sentence. The picture shows 6 distinct sections/ columns on the sweater. The pattern is in no way divided into those six parts. The lines aren’t clear as you knit. I discovered this while charting it out.

I can’t knit this while the kids are active. There’s no way I am stopping mid-row to get some milk. The project has started looking like my kids’ school work- highlighters, graph paper, pencils…

It will be worth it in the end. For now, I’m going to go watch my boys play games and cuddle with them on the bed.



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