The Beginning of the End

I awoke this morning to a quiet house. My hubby lay passed out on the Lovesac in the living room. Wrapped in his Angry Birds throw, Lukas was waiting quietly in my recliner. Jamie and Sebastian were both asleep in their rooms. This is not a normal situation.

Spring break ends today. I curled up in my recliner and Lukas hopped on top, wrapped from head to toe. He is definitely a cuddle bug. I asked him about his dreams. Of course, they were about Skylanders and Minecraft. Earlier in the weekend, there was an update. My children were ecstatic. There were new animals and tools. Both Jamie and Lukas love keeping cows, wolves and chickens. I’m not surprised that these things were what my little man was dreaming of.

Jamie struggled out of bed and joined us on the recliner. Both boys started telling me about dolphins and sharks in the games. We had to look up what baby sharks and baby dolphins are called. Enchanted Animals is a great list of animal names. I have it in my bookmarks for a reason! My kids are fascinated with the different names given to baby animals.

Tomorrow we’ll be getting ready for school, once again. It will be the long haul to the end of the school year. Jamie says he’s not ready, but Lukas wants to go back to school. I can’t wait to have my mornings back. Sebastian will be going to Texas at the end of the school year to hang out with my folks, so he just wants to get it all done and over with.
Otto, well, it is all the same to him. School or no school, he goes to work. Spring Break didn’t really do much for him.

I don’t know what the summer holds. Hopefully we will finally get down to Monterey and San Francisco. I’d like to go camping. I will be activating my GI Bill, and hopefully enrolling in the local community college to take care of whatever basics I don’t already have done. That, and I want to boost my gpa. UC Davis has a design program that I will be applying for next winter. They don’t take transfer students for the winter semester. The kids will be going to school full time. It’s time for me to get back to business. With any luck, we’ll be here for 3 more years, so that I can finish. Big plans and little plans.

On a side note, after restarting Otto’s sweater for the 7th time, I’m almost to the arm holes. I have markers for every ten stitches, markers for the 7 sections of pattern and one marker for the right side. It’s going and going, a little bit at a time.


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