So I had a bad day

It all started yesterday. Yesterday was a good day. A friend of mine was pointing out some books and telling me that if I sold sweaters like the one I am currently making, I could afford to get an Amazon membership. He showed me a lot of books. One of the books was about introverts, and how our society under appreciates them and their contributions. (After extensive thought and replays of his comments, I think he was trying to express a compliment, but it escapes me). The other was Living With Books. It had full spread pictures of different ways to incorporate books in your house. One picture was of a whole tiered wall of books. Yes, I could dig it. In fact, I could lust after it, and did for a while.

But, crystal chandeliers don’t belong in a cardboard box under a freeway overpass. I’m a mom, I try to keep my dreams simple. Manageable. Men have the luxury of big dreams. They can walk away, go make more money, etc. Mother’s have children to feed, clothe and raise. Our society judges women more harshly when they fail, or for having dreams. We dream for our kids. We wish and hope for them.
I didn’t sleep much last night. Neither did my husband. I, apparently, kept him awake.

Fast forward to this morning-
I get up and get the kids fed and dressed, and my husband still hadn’t rolled out of bed. I got everyone out the door, in time. After getting kisses and hugs from the twins (and my hand-held stop signs), I headed over to the Kiss’n’go, to help kids out of cars and keep the traffic moving.

Normally I get thanked. Today was hectic for some reason, but I had some great help. Until I had one mom who thought she knew better than I did, what she should be doing. When I tried to go explain the system, she yelled at me. I just closed her car door and walked off. Scrogg her! Enough people have said that the system works. I wouldn’t even be there if parents wouldn’t behave badly.

Needless to say, after missing my son’s honor roll assembly, missing my alarm to pick up the twins, three meltdowns while riding bikes, having to carry Jamie’s bike and push my own, well, it’s been a day.

The highlight of the day was wonderful. We finally got to do a play date with a friend that we’ve been trying to do for months. Both of our families have multiple special needs kids. Unlike normal families (or should I say neurotypical families), we can’t just schedule play dates. We have to juggle school, doctors, missions, ABA, and diseases.

It was worth every hassle to watch our kids finally get together! They played chase, tag, climbed, ran and rested. I have no doubts that they will all sleep well.

My nerves may be rattled, I might be on edge, I may run screaming out the door with my knitting in hand, but I know there will be good and bad days. Even bad days have some good.


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