Parental just for shins and giggles

My hubby brought home some frappucinos from Starbucks after his grocery run. He also picked up the little freebie cards for a crossword app.

We kinda had fun with this one clue- Fudge alternative. Now, I married a sailor, and spent most of my life surrounded by the male species. My parents were pretty strict in the language department, but I’m sure you could think of several alternatives to Fudge.

F•#k being the most notable.
Next was darn.

We knew it had to be a clean word, as most crosswords are rated PG at the most.

Drat was definitely not high on the list, but until we got a few more letters, we were just s.o.l. :P~

On a side note, apparently the principal from our school called to discuss a call she had gotten from a parent.

Otto says that I should tell her, “I’ve already written ‘I will not piss off moms in white Tahoes, ever again'” a hunnerd’ times on the black board.

If she’s mad that I closed her car door on her, while she was yelling at me, my response is this: I am a volunteer, you don’t pay me enough to yell at me. If she was worried about being embarrassed in front of her kids, she shouldn’t have been behaving like a child herself.

Sorry, just me grinching. I could belabor the fact by discussing my generation’s failings to society, but why bother? I’m not paying you enough to listen to me grinch 🙂


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