Getting Rid of a Kid

Yup, I’m getting rid of a kid. My oldest will be flying solo to Texas at the end of the school year. I am overjoyed! I’m also terrified.

My son has been flying since he was a baby. His first trip to his grandparents’ was at 6 months, when the Air Force sent me to leadership school for 6 weeks. As a single parent, I had few qualms about unloading him with his gp’s. He was the first grandchild, and has developed a special bond with his gp’s.

I was able to have a special bond with my grandmother, as she kept my brother and I for long periods of time, before we were adopted. I wanted the same for my kids. Now, twins would be a little bit hard, but as they get older, we’ll see.

But for Sebastian, a trip to Gammy’s means lots of one-on-one attention, complete with swimming, trips to the parks and movies. It also gives him a chance to hang with his cousins. None of whom are as pesky as his twin brothers.

He will get to look forward to the White family reunion, where my larger than life family, gets together and parties. They have amazing fun and great times. Swimming, games, cookouts… I’m a little bit jealous 🙂

My twins, on the other hand, will get a few months free of big, bossy, brother. (Until they get stuck on one of their video games that mom and dad can’t bail them out). Oh, and someone will have to help do his chores. I’m sure they won’t mind training the puppies, but kitty litter and dog poo aren’t anyone’s favorites.

In a normal world, odds are good that we’d live close to family of some kind. Unfortunately, in the last 17 years, the closest I’ve been was 3 hours away from my folks. That was before my kids came along. Since then, we’ve lived an average of 24 hours away. We don’t get free babysitting or holidays together all that often. We’ve made one Christmas and one Thanksgiving. Odds aren’t great.

At 13, you’d think he’d be all right flying by himself, but he’s an Aspie with ADHD. We’ll probably take a trip up to Sacramento to practice reading the monitors. We’ll definitely be practicing to use the cell phone, and calling Gammy. We may even rehearse how to ask for help, and who to ask for help. We’re trying to set up a stranger danger situation with his therapist. Yes, I’m terrified. I couldn’t find any direct flights, but he shouldn’t have to change planes. Hopefully.

Yup, I’m happy to get rid of him. I know I will be happy to have him back. I look forward to hearing about his adventures, and not hearing three boy arguments or fighting for a little bit.


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