Can Someone Find Me a Bathtub, PLEASE

Ok, let’s see… I’ve been

1) poo’d on
2) Pee’d on
3) Coated with wet dog food (hands, pants)
4) Screamed at
5) Bitten (giving meds)
6) Kicked

And that was just Queen Victoria and pups. My big boys were worse.

I could use a Cosmo, mojito, even a Riesling (the whole bottle), a bath, and a nice hotel room with a view and comfy comforter. Maybe a trip to Denver or Seattle for a toke. 🙂

A girl can dream.

Meanwhile, I guess I’ll do the dishes and laundry. After all, I married a Chief in the Navy. I know how to suck it up and press on.

Good news is that the puppies have gained weight, Victoria is eating, and I took time off this evening. Lukas lost his other front tooth. AND, stop the presses, the twins ate mayo on their sandwiches tonight! There is hope that the human race won’t survive the apocalypse on chicken nuggets and french fries.


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