Bad Little Girl

I’m getting ready to go feed the puppies, again, and peeking at my husband. He says he won’t buy a sports car, because he knows that he will get a ticket. If you told him that his wife was, um, speeding down the highway at speeds that made his little Civic shake, he wouldn’t believe you.

Normally, I am very responsible. I haven’t had a speeding ticket since I was 16. There are just times, when you want to fly. I used to do it on I40 in Georgia, on the way to Atlanta. There’s always a small group of cars, racing to the airport. In Maryland, you can do it on 100, but it’s best to be on I95 to Pennsylvania. There used to be some states where there were no limits.

I passed a green Jag that would probably purr, but it was a sedan. I think maybe the Camaro SS would do the trick. But one day, I want a big powerful engine that I can take up to the limits. I want to go as fast in a car as I can do on my needles. Maybe find a race track that you can pay to drive on.

Of course, I’d want more sleep, and I couldn’t tell anyone. They’d think I was crazy. The lady who brakes for snails, going 200? Yeah right. Our little secret, K? (Hubby doesn’t read my blog. He doesn’t want to intrude.)

There were people going faster than I was- that black Mustang. But I can pretend, sometimes. One day, when no one is looking. Vroom !

Due to the serious lack of attention span, I’m knitting up some sweet, simple, fingerless mitts. I’ll post them when I get done. I’m thinking I should make some lace mitts or gloves that will leave sun tattoos for the summer. I want a book of lace patterns for Mother’s Day, but I’ll probably have to just use my allowance or something. The good books are usually just over it, though.

As soon as the puppies are eating solids, and I can sleep, I’ll get back to the more challenging knits and things that need full concentration.

But for today, I’m just a little high and a little happy 🙂


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