JoAnn’s Sale

JoAnn’s Fabrics is having a sale on ball winders and Ultimate Sweater Machines. So If you need a new one, replacement or don’t really need a new one… maybe just want one…

The Ultimate Sweater Machine is not bad for a first machine. Catching an online sale, where you can order all the pieces you need in one place, is a huge must. It also comes with a video and instruction book on how to use it. Accessories can be found here, Bond America.

Essentials for the USM are:
1. Row Counter
2. Extension kits
3. Claw weights or make your own fish hook/fork weights

Yarn winders can be hit-or-miss, at smaller stores. But, if you get a 15% of entire purchase coupon and use it with a 40-50% coupon, you get a better deal in store.

I actually recommend checking out EBay for a Brother KX-390 convertible over a Bond, if you don’t mind cleaning and making a replacement sponge bar.

The USM is a great little machine. I used one for 4 years before going EBay crazy and picking up a KX-390, as well as a a few Singer dinosaurs. What it lacks in comparison to the 390, well, let’s just say the
USM is the basic model, 390 is the middle model, with a Passap E6000 as the Jaguar of all knitting machines.

What the USM Needs:

Tension bar- for holding the yarn up, and automatically holding the tension for symmetrical, even knit loops.

Built-row counter- the add-on row counter often tends to move if not placed correctly.

More accessories!!! I love claw weights, made my own fishing weights, and may have to make some hand tools, in order to get extras. The USM comes with only the basics.

Garter bar- this is essential for making garter stitch, transferring large numbers of stitches for increase and decreases, and manoeuvering around for some fancier stitches.

Benefits of getting an USM-

1) It’s new, needs only mild lubrication of the needles to let ‘Er rip
2) Shipping a machine on EBay is expensive
3) It sells quickly on EBay, but not for as much as the older machines with accessories
4) it’s great for the basics
5) It travels well taking the USM to a knit-in, stitch and bitch, etc is not as difficult as other machines. It is far lighter and comes apart.


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