On the Needles…

You know, this is Garage Knits, and I may talk about knitting, but I don’t usually put pics up until I’m done. The last few finished projects were given away before I took any pictures.

My hubby cleaned off my kitchen table. (This is related, I promise)! It seats 8 right now. This is the first time in eons, that it has been clear. My work room is still in recovery, but the table looked sooooo pretty, why not use it?

On the left is the Aran sweater, in black. The design really pops, but for a photo, you need light. I’m hand knitting this. The pattern comes from a book by Gwyn Morgan. It’s called

    Tradional Knitting, Patterns of Ireland, Scottland and England.

The yarn is Loops & Threads,Impeccable. While hubby is no doubt worth the design, I didn’t think it would turn out half so well. He agrees that I shouldn’t waste money on good yarn, when he’s rough on all his clothes.


Next, is a multicolor sweater, front and back, waiting for me to do the V neck and sleeves. I’m doing this one on my Brother KX-390. It’s been on hold due to mess and lack of space, and sheer, utter busyness. The pattern is generic, and tailored to fit hubby’s likes.

Then there is a Broken Rib scarf. The yarn is a washable acrylic by Deborah Norville. The pattern was on the yarn. It has already been blocked. I simply need to sew up the pockets. This was hand knit. It is a gift for someone, but it is so pretty, I may have to make another one.


Up on the right, is an Entrelac baby blanket. The knitting was done, square by square on the KX-390. The border is hand crocheted, and then I’m using the machine to put triangles on the edges. The parents asked for red and black. I put this all together, with nobody’s pattern. It’s a bit of a hodge podge, but I like it. The yarn is Simply Soft, washable acrylic.


The itty bitty, mint at the bottom of the picture is play. I started with a basic glove pattern, out of a book that has disappeared in my house. When I find it, I’ll post the credits. The yarn is Sensations Cuddle, from Jo Ann’s. The non-glove looking mess, is me trying out some techniques and stitches. It’s not much to look at. On the needles tho- that’s the exciting one. It is what I’m hoping will turn out. The intent is to have the back of the glove open with 20 dropped, wrapped, pulled, or whatever name you want to call them, stitches crossed and maybe beaded. We’ll see. I also bought some silk bamboo yarn, just in case it does turn out to be fabulous. (Really, I could want a blanket out of the stuff, it is so soft!)


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