Stop Light

I need a stop light. One red light to put my day on hold. Children, husbands, puppies and pets, I just need a moment.

All weekend long, hubby and I worked hard, cleaning, rearranging, doing stuff. My house looks awesome. I kept myself busy, after I talked to my Momma, Saturday morning. I found a quick project, and my Mother’s Day was awesome.

But today, today my family is gathering to celebrate a life short lived. I am not there. A little boy, who looked just like his daddy, who was a brat and pulled his sister’s hair. He got into everything! He wasn’t a little boy anymore. At 28, he was really just getting started. No wife or kids. Small mercies and large absences. There will be none of him to go on, except what he gave his family.

We all have an expiration date. Some know their’s is shorter due to illness and chronic diseases. He was not one of those. He was snoring away at 6, when his dad left for work, and he was gone at 9, when his mom tried to wake him. Sudden. The silence, where a soul should be making sound.

Yes, I’m sad. On the way down the hill, this is just another dip in the road. One that makes you either want to pause, or speed up. You can’t do both at the same time, even if you try.

Everyone says, “Life is short”. They might add, “Make it count. Make every day, every moment count”. But really, those things should never have to be said, it should be understood.

28 is a life, and hopefully, a life well lived, for a beautiful boy that looked like his daddy and pulled his sister’s hair.

Life is short. Make every day, minute and second count. Do whatever you do, fully, with vigor, with intent. Live. just in case you needed it again


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