Are You Hearing Voices?

Ready for a sneak preview?


Rough Draft of my knitting altar :0P


And then- I’ll have to get a better backdrop…A Knitter’s Brain


Yup, Majoring in Design would be a complete waste of my time and money, wouldn’t it. Better start looking up computer engineering degrees.

As you can see, work progresses on my studio redo. It will never have enough light. But I just might be able to get my yarn stash within reach. Of course, I will not be able to move tomorrow. Maybe the next day.

It doesn’t matter. I can’t go anywhere. No gas money. No time alone for me. No sunset knitting.


“Are you hearing voices?”, was the question asked by Dr. Amster, today. Lovely, he thinks I’m nuts.

Generally, when a guy asks you if you mind taking off your outer garments to put on a little piece of cotton robe, tied up the back, you might want to think about it. No?

I don’t like being touched. I really don’t like exams. So I’m just supposed to jump up and say “No problemo, doc. I know we just met and all…”?

Sorry if I weigh my options as to gains and losses in regards to the necessity of taking off my clothes. Risk benefits analysis does take a moment. Am I the only person who thinks this way?

But the outcome of the appointment, will hopefully, outweigh any anxious twinges. Even if he thinks I’m crazy. Who cares, if it means I can move? Right?



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