Taking a Few Days Off

I’m making a run to my bench today. With a four-day looming, packing a kid off and insanity sure to follow, I’m gonna run for a fix.

My intention is to make the most of this weekend. I’m going to try and unplug my family. Even if we just stay home, it might be good for us. The budget is limited, but we’ve got dry goods in the closet. A little baking and making, might not be a bad idea.

Then there is the packing. The washing. The double checking. The hugging and kissing good-bye. I’m looking forward to a little peace, and a little bit of missing my heart. He’s a good kid, all in all. Just crossing the threshold of learning to be who he is, and living with it.

Ah, and not quite last, and not the least, I have new pain med to try out. It might wrench the works, but I am hopeful it will allow me to work.

The biggest, last and final detail- my husband will be home all four days and then the rest of the week. Maybe we will actually get to spend some time together. Dreaming. Talking. Eating breakfast, just us two. Mending fences, building things. Just maybe. I’m a girl, I have hopes.

So I’ll see you next week, unless it all goes wrong.

I’m an optimist.

See ya next week.

Oh, and if ya miss me- Who is Jain Doe? check it out.


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