Monday Morning Blues

Blue is the color on my bedroom wall, tempered with grey. Chuggle puppies decided it was time for food, round about a quarter to six. They banged and smacked the bathroom door, until I opened it and set up the gate. Then they howled for their food. Cute little monsters.


Making my coffee, I should have wakened the whole neighborhood. Anything and everything went wrong, and it’s a mess in there. Hubby managed to snore through it all.

Coffee in hand, I’m out here watching the sky and the clouds that promise mischief. The sun is barely peeping through. Blue sky, grey clouds. The last day of Holiday.


I did not succeed in an unplugged weekend. But really, we did have fun. Lots of “Puppy Round-Ups”. We let the puppies out to play. They run, we chase and snuggle. I trim their nails frequently, and we work on getting them accustomed to everyday life. Tugging ears and tails, desensitizing them to rough play, followed by cuddles and baby-dolling them. (Laying them on their backs, tickling and petting them, so as to make them handier for vets).

We didn’t go anywhere or do anything strenuous. So why am I so tired? The weather is less than fabulous, chilly and cold. Thanks to a new drug, I’m not dying in pain at the quick temp changes. Everything just seems a little blue. Last day of Holiday. Last day with Sebastian for a few months. The last weeks of school for the twins. And Hubby has taken the week off, to help with all the ensuing madness, about to rain down on our heads.

There is so much for me to get done. I’ve been knitting, trying to finish projects. I got to the end of this one, and didn’t like it.


It’s a t-shirt yarn floormat. Well, was.


This is what it looks like now. The yarn is made from old t-shirts. White are hubby’s 100% cotton. Mine are the coloured ones, with 5% spandex. I will remake it differently. Here is a link to Releve Designs, where I learned how to cut the t-shirts down to yarn. Fabulous, low cost way to recycle. Back to the thinking boards, tho.

Today’s work- packing up my boy and working on the studio. Now it’s mostly organizing and prepping for work. I already have the ‘His and Her’ sock yarns, waiting to go…


Unfortunately, I still have a mess to clean up…


A little more coffee, then I’ll get started, while the whole neighborhood continues to sleep.


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