Survival of the…

The weekend. Definitely survival of the weekend! Right now it is cool, the clouds are flourishing and reproducing at quite a rate. The sprinklers are running, to boot. :). It’s Monday. My husband’s alarm went off at 6. Ghenghis was still sleeping on his pillow in its new location- next to my bed. Time to take the dogs out.

After much creaking and groaning and very sore muscles in the hind quarters, I was up. Dogs and puppies out. Cats, too slow on the draw, still in. It is downright chilly. Everydoggy piled back in, coffee made, and a very long week to look forward to. For once, I am grateful for Monday.

Friday night, I ran to my spot to knit. It was wonderfully warm, if gusty. Just a little bit of heaven, with a good view. I think I crashed early that night. Maybe around 9ish? I don’t really remember.

Saturday was a heat wave on its own. The house hit 80, with the air conditioner on full blast. I’ll have to call housing to get the freon levels checked. They may be too full. The puppies languished in their little playground. I dunked them in water, if we went out. The grass turned an instant shade of brown. We lounged all over the house. I watched movies, as even knitting was too hot. “The Burning Plain” with Charlize Theron and “Identity” with John Cusack and a whole bunch of my favorite actors. It was a very dry, dead day.


Yes, puppy pot pie.

The heat finally broke after 8. Hubby and I took the puppies out back, where they got to experience sprinklers. Hubby has set up a lazy man’s watering system, complete with timers. (Base housing rules state that we must water the lawn twice a day. They included a built-in watering system for the front, but we’re on our own for the side and back. Reducing fire hazards, you know). At any rate, the puppies had exactly three minutes to chew on the sprinklers, before they went off. Charlie and Peppin chased the water. Pots tried to get the grease from the grill’s grease catcher. Cleo was ever the intrepid explorer. It is fun to watch children find new things. My toes have hardly gotten gnawed on, since we introduced the backyard.

Saturday was almost tortuous in its laziness. Sunday was just the opposite…

My day started with a Lukas crawling into bed. Dad fell asleep in the living room. So I got my cuddles in, even if it was just dawn, when he crawled in. I vacated the bed when he decided to bring in a Gameboy. Video games at 0730? Not for me. We kicked hubby into the bed at 8. Puppies in, puppies out. We call it ‘Puppy Round Up’. It’s the time the twins get to abuse the puppies. I had to end it due to Belle, my Torbi cat, stalking puppies. They had no idea, blissfully ignorant in typical Odie fashion. Our puppies will be used to all kinds of child abuse and feline existence, but I can’t allow stalking. No puppy hunting!

Sundays are typically the lazy days. Unfortunately, having done nothing on Saturday, we had a list of things to do. After lunch, we went to the gardening section of a local hardware store. Hubby looked at me, and said, “This is your thing. I don’t do plants,” as he eyed the tomato bushes. Ha! I have a tendency to kill plants, but the twins wanted flowers. (Our front flower beds are supposed to be tended by us, with twice yearly trimming by housing. They smashed up quite a few plants last time they trimmed. Our beds are bare, but I have no intention of filing paperwork to add to their beds). We bought drought resistant flowers, soil, fertilizer, and two big pots larger enough to fit a twin in each. Of course, every time I picked out something, Dad and the boys were nowhere to be seen. So I not only had to pick everything out, but play hide and seek the entire outing. I swear hubby was trying to sneak over to the power tools. He has an addiction.

The twins demanded a treat for good(ish) behavior. Off to Starbucks, then home. I let the big dogs out for a quick potty break, before digging in to the planting. (This is where the sore hindquarters come from).

After walking to and from the house, hubby told me to stand on the walk and he’d move the planters and hanging plants. The whole point of flowers is to improve the view. Right? The wind had picked up, in the meantime. I had to stop and pull my hair back with soil covered hands, due to lack of planning.

We succeeded in getting everything in, planted and watered. I watched the wind blow the flowers, and hoped they’d still be there tomorrow. I still haven’t ventured out to check. I am also hoping those flowers are also unkillable. I’ll get the boys to help care for them, so it won’t be all on me, if they die. The hanging flowers are also low enough to the ground that maybe the birds won’t build a nest there.

I managed to keep an ivy alive for about 6 months before moving it out to my deck, in Maryland. Less than a week later, a family of robins moved in. It died, and Ghenghis killed the baby birds. I still haven’t forgiven him.

If we hadn’t just spent a ton of money, hubby and I would not have cooked dinner. We were worn out. But, after emptying the bank account for flowers, there was no money for takeout. We partnered up to cook breakfast for dinner. I made omelettes, as hubby can’t. He made the pancakes, bacon and hash browns. He and the boys got ham and cheese omelettes.

I was quite surprised at how fast Lukas shoveled them down. The twins are not known for big appetites. Jamie was a little more peckish, but he ate a good portion. They just had a check up, and both went up 7%, on the growth curves. Jamie is at 7%, and Lukas is at 14%. For us, that is huge. We had been considering duct taping them to the walls, and feeding them icecream and butter. (Duct taping so that they would not burn off the calories).

Puppies poo. Puppies poo a lot! That’s what puppies do. On my tile floor. More and more. (Add snark liberally). We are using puppy pads, and the pooches seem to have gotten the idea. Four puppies wrestling, and the poo and pads end up upside down. My after dinner chore was to lock up the puppies, clean up the pads and mop. It is not fun. But it got done.

I think I’ve been reading way too much Dr. Seuss.

Hubby bathed the boys, and we got thru bedtime. After a bit of knitting, I did a last check on the puppies, and wandered off to bed, myself. You’d think that it would be the end of the weekend, right?

I believe in ghosts and other forms of existential energies. But things that go bump in the night, well, I know what they are. If it’s drawers moving in and out, cabinet doors banging, carpet coming up off the ground, it’s not ghosts. That would be Belle and Barb, my mousers, mousing. Likewise, a fast gust of wind followed by a scratching noise- Queen Victoria wanting something.

In time the time before puppies, Victoria guarded me in my sleep. From cats and hubby. Since she’s been weaning her litter, I thought she might like her old post back. And she did, until about midnight, when a tongue up my nose informed me she wanted down. I got up slowly, took her out back, then plopped her in with her (now awake) litter. Serves her right.

I am used to those noises. I know their interpretations. I was not prepared for the big thump that landed on my bed about 2 am. At 25 pounds, Ghenghis makes quite a thump. I’d have left him there. I saw the lightning, and knew what was up (besides me). He’s a big, amend that, very big baby, when it comes to storms. However, hubby followed right after him, and booted him off the bed. Up he got again. I sent hubby to get his big pillow pad, and asked that he put it beside the bed. I scritched Ghenghis’ ears, to no avail. He jumped back on the bed, as stealthily as he could. Not very stealthy. Hubby booted him back off. Thirty minutes later, enough ear and head scritching later, he finally curled up on his pillow and slept. He slept thru hubby’s alarm, but I didn’t.


So it’s Monday morning, and I’m tired and sore. Tutors come at 1, hubby at 4, mail and packages after that. Back to predictable, planned days. Minus the school and quiet time. I’ve still got my coffee. And puppies. Lots and lots of puppies.





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