Sitting on the Water’s Edge

My right hand is in a brace. You might ask ‘why’ or ‘oh no!, What did you do?’. Those are the most common questions.

I could tell you that it started with a baby blanket and ended with a hat, but that might not make sense.


I could also say that it began with an act of kindness that bit us in the ass. That would be the truth, as well.

The baby blanket is for a friend, who is due next week. All I have left is the sewing and stuffing. The blanket is a crochet confection made of cotton candy. It looks that way.


Please note: it ain’t done yet- these are just the pieces. Designed by Linda Cyr with Red Heart’s Baby Clouds in Pink Lemonade. It’s a fairly quick project, although I used almost 6 skeins, instead of the 3 the pattern called for. I did check gauge, but I must’ve been off.

I haven’t crocheted that much in years. I normally only do lace borders or neck lines.

I stress at night. While my body likes a 9 o’clock bedtime, my mind really gets going after the sun goes down. Maybe that’s why I like sunsets so much. The calm before the storm.

So- due to some unwanted stress, I made a hat for my hubby. I knitted almost an entire night, then finished the hat in two days. One skein of Paton’s Classic Wool, the Naturally Comfortable
slouch beanie pattern by Lisa Gentry, and a trip to Alaska for my hubby this August, resulted in this…



Hubby prefers it snug, and I will have to sew up the center hole a bit better. We don’t want him to have a cold spot on his q-ball. Better to find out now, but it IS supposed to slouch. Oh well, it’s his to wear.

So that act of kindness… We are not business people. We see the people renting our house (in Maryland), as a family. We let them out of their lease early, because the dad got transferred short notice. No 60 day notice for us, and we were out $800. They moved in with a 9 mo old baby, and apparently had a newborn while they lived there, as well. Dad had already left, and the mom was packing, by herself. We took pity on them.

I remember moving into that house with 6 mo old twins and a 7 yr old. My mom came out to help, and I was still overwhelmed.

We thought if they got out 2 weeks early, we could do a quick clean and turnaround. No such luck. They had trashed the house to a tune of $3300. new carpet, new paint over the three rooms they painted, new bath tub, minor repairs, including damage to the brand new kitchen cabinets we had just put in.

Before they moved in, that house looked better than it did when we lived there. All in all, a single act of kindness, totaled up around $6,000 of loss to us. We thought we might lose the house.

So I knitted my hand into a brace. It was bugging me before, but I pushed too hard.

We had put money aside, in case we lost our renters. Our realtor, who helped me carry the twins from house to house searching for just the right one, is still our realtor today. She cut her commission. Our property manager also cut her take. One act of kindness, leads to another. It may just be a house, but it was our first home, and may be again, in a few years. Everything goes full circle.

These were my thoughts, as I sat at my knitting spot. Not being able to knit, one handed. But I think I may have a new pattern in mind. If I can find the right yarn. If my hand gets better. I do my best thinking on the water’s edge.


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