Trunk Sale… And Catch-up

Imagine a large parking lot with cars filling every other space. To the right of each car, each vendor sets up their stall to sell various and miscellaneous goods. Up at the front, a bake sale with home made goods, coffee and hot chocolate (molten magma). If the weather had been cooler, you’d have known it was fall. Instead, those of us dressed for the early morning chill started shedding layers earlier than expected.

The vendor in the stall behind me was selling anything he didn’t want in his house, to include a sleeper sofa that my husband bought. The stall to my right was selling used clothing from brands that cost more than my car payment. Over to the left, with a tented stall, an older couple was selling interesting odds and ends. They also had hats, hand knitted by their college student daughter.

The trunk sale idea was to fill your stall with what you could fit in your trunk. There were lots of trucks, SUV’s, and minivans. Used and unused household goods littered the lot. Clothing racks, tables and camp chairs were typical in most of the stalls. Each vendor paid $20 for a stall. Not a bad deal.

The customers were very unique. There were men in fishing hats trailing behind their wives, whose arms were full. Young and expecting parents trying to save money. There were not the usual garage salers, that I expected to see. The bake sale adults gave their kids trays and wagons of goodies so that the vendors wouldn’t have to leave their stalls. It was worth buying a donut, just to see their eyes light up. The disappointment when a vendor didn’t buy a little something, was apparent on their faces. The lackluster turn out, didn’t dampen the atmosphere of bargaining until a few hours into the event. Spirits were good, even after the expected crowd didn’t show.


I’ve been busy. I managed to knit up 11 ruffle scarves, 1 hat and neck warmer set, a long cabled scarf, and a cabled slouch hat. I sold exactly none of them at the Trunk Sale this weekend. Color me disappointed. Six weeks of prep, down the drain.

The boys are finally getting into the school routine. I’ve got my volunteer schedule set. I’m dropping Physical Therapy due to lack of enthusiasm on my part and the techs. My physical therapist understands, as long as I work at home.

And all that effort to grab knitting time, proved wasted. Yes, it was supposed to be a flea market/garage sale, but the organizers didn’t get the word out. It was also the weekend before pay day, vice after. We are also looking at a possible government shutdown, again. I can hope for other opportunities to arise, but I now have to plan for Christmas with no surplus cash on hand.

On the bright side, we did manage to sell or give away almost all of our baby and toddler gear. That cleared a quarter of the garage, so that I can spread my little corner out even more. That is exciting.

Jamie and the neighbor boys just busted up a ton of styrofoam all over the garage and my work space, so perhaps we’ll be able to clear them a play area, as well. I will probably be finding styrofoam in my yarn for a while.

I’d put pictures up, but iOS 7 has me thwarted.


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