Making a Difference?

If you read a few blogs back, you’ll see me ranting about volunteering and miscreant parent drivers in our school parking lot. Parents who behave badly teach their children to do the same. After lobbying for school and military police help, I had an idea to make the parking lot safer.

Working with our principal, I drew up a rough draft of a relatively cheaper way to fix some of the safety issues. The drawing a was forwarded, worked on by our CE section on base, and several months later, (this weekend), it was implemented. We redrew the parking lot.

I don’t have ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. I didn’t think they’d ever actually do it. Before, the parking lot had 3 vertical rows of double column parking. There were frequent mishaps with children running behind cars, and cars backing out into on-coming traffic. Not to mention, cars backing out and into each other.



My solution was to turn the rows from vertical to horizontal. Teachers have reserved spots on the front two rows. They park and go in. The parents can park, then pull thru when leaving, in the third row. No backing out, the crosswalk is clearly designated, marked correctly, and crosses the entire parking lot. There is now one entrance and one exit. Traffic only moves in one direction. Visibility is improved.

Bad points- parents will still behave badly and recklessly. There are only enough parking spots for staff. (This is a negative and positive. No parent parking means less traffic).

Other schools in the area have little or no teacher or parent parking. The goal was to make the lot safer. It has.

How do you deal with parking parents? Incentivize walking. It is healthier and greener for our society. Most of the families in the school live within a quarter mile radius. Why drive? Last year, it was suggested that we start a ‘walking school bus’. This promotes safety and community, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. A few volunteers, a few manpower hours, et voila- it would reduce the number of kids running in the street, cut down on crosswalk confusion and get kids to school safely.

Am I trying to create a utopia? No, just a safer way for kids to get to school. Now, I need a charismatic parent to push the rest into motion. I’m a sledgehammer. I need a silver tongued parent to sweet talk the rest.


Trunk Sale… And Catch-up

Imagine a large parking lot with cars filling every other space. To the right of each car, each vendor sets up their stall to sell various and miscellaneous goods. Up at the front, a bake sale with home made goods, coffee and hot chocolate (molten magma). If the weather had been cooler, you’d have known it was fall. Instead, those of us dressed for the early morning chill started shedding layers earlier than expected.

The vendor in the stall behind me was selling anything he didn’t want in his house, to include a sleeper sofa that my husband bought. The stall to my right was selling used clothing from brands that cost more than my car payment. Over to the left, with a tented stall, an older couple was selling interesting odds and ends. They also had hats, hand knitted by their college student daughter.

The trunk sale idea was to fill your stall with what you could fit in your trunk. There were lots of trucks, SUV’s, and minivans. Used and unused household goods littered the lot. Clothing racks, tables and camp chairs were typical in most of the stalls. Each vendor paid $20 for a stall. Not a bad deal.

The customers were very unique. There were men in fishing hats trailing behind their wives, whose arms were full. Young and expecting parents trying to save money. There were not the usual garage salers, that I expected to see. The bake sale adults gave their kids trays and wagons of goodies so that the vendors wouldn’t have to leave their stalls. It was worth buying a donut, just to see their eyes light up. The disappointment when a vendor didn’t buy a little something, was apparent on their faces. The lackluster turn out, didn’t dampen the atmosphere of bargaining until a few hours into the event. Spirits were good, even after the expected crowd didn’t show.


I’ve been busy. I managed to knit up 11 ruffle scarves, 1 hat and neck warmer set, a long cabled scarf, and a cabled slouch hat. I sold exactly none of them at the Trunk Sale this weekend. Color me disappointed. Six weeks of prep, down the drain.

The boys are finally getting into the school routine. I’ve got my volunteer schedule set. I’m dropping Physical Therapy due to lack of enthusiasm on my part and the techs. My physical therapist understands, as long as I work at home.

And all that effort to grab knitting time, proved wasted. Yes, it was supposed to be a flea market/garage sale, but the organizers didn’t get the word out. It was also the weekend before pay day, vice after. We are also looking at a possible government shutdown, again. I can hope for other opportunities to arise, but I now have to plan for Christmas with no surplus cash on hand.

On the bright side, we did manage to sell or give away almost all of our baby and toddler gear. That cleared a quarter of the garage, so that I can spread my little corner out even more. That is exciting.

Jamie and the neighbor boys just busted up a ton of styrofoam all over the garage and my work space, so perhaps we’ll be able to clear them a play area, as well. I will probably be finding styrofoam in my yarn for a while.

I’d put pictures up, but iOS 7 has me thwarted.

Time Flies

The alarm went off this morning. I checked my watch and saw that it was a quarter to six. I rolled over to nudge my husband- after all, it’s his Darth Vader alarm clock, telling him to get up. He bonked it on the head for one more snooze and a last few minutes cuddling his wife.

He’s off on the start of a business trip, before the rest of the house is awake. My alarm is not a clock. It is the sound of Ghenghis, howling his head off. As I entered the kitchen/dining room, I saw the back door was open, and he was running in and out. The puppies and Victoria, frothing at the gate, jumped up and down like popcorn to be let out. Ghenghis sleeps with my oldest, which means my oldest in a zombie state put him out this morning. Ghenghis turned the latch and opened the door. Oh joy!

We survived last week’s antics with some very tired boys. I thought last week would be a once off. Sometimes, I wish my calendar would tell the future. This week will be twice as crowded, but a bit more organized. Two field trips, all three boys to the dentist, one boy to his pediatrician, five nights of ABA (Applied Behavior Therapy) with only three people, school supply give away to attend, and my birthday, which will not be celebrated this year. Oh yes, and Hubby will be gone, so I’m on my own.

But on top of all this, I found out we’ll be having a flea market at the end of September. A glorified yard sale. I’m working on two baby blankets, a hat and a sweater. Now, I will also be knitting up quick doo-dads and what-nots, to put on display. Of course, I also have two bikes with helmets, a bike buggy for two and a bunch of baby stuff to sell. I’d like to get the garage cleaned out 🙂

Yup, us housewives, we sit on the couch eating Bonbons and watching soaps 🙂 The funny thing about that- I do kind of watch tv, but not really. I think the old radio shows from the 40’s and 50’s would be better. I sit and knit, or iron, or even get on my exercise bike and knit while I play some show off Amazon or Netflix. I listen more than I watch. I rarely do just one thing. What happened to letting your imagination fill in the pictures? I knit while reading a book on an e-reader. I have to multitask. There are not enough hours in the day. It’s a shame that audio books are so expensive, as well.

I’m still wearing the brace on my hand. I’m knitting much less, right now. Two more weeks, and I will quit wearing it. I suppose I should schedule my follow up with the doctor. Maybe I will. I’d like to see the look on his face when he sees that I’ve dropped a bit of weight.

Before he called my kids obstacles, I’d already taken care of how to get my exercise in. Putz. I was waiting on this new thing called a FitDesk. Bike and a desk, low rate cardio, I can hang my knitting bag from the desk, watch my laptop, and knock-out 45 minutes of work. No need for the gym, which won’t watch my special needs kids. I’ve also been taking the boys on outdoor bike rides, to prep for riding to school. Yup, I suppose there’s room in there for Bonbons, but I’ll settle for my morning latte- cut down from two or three to just one. I’ve been tracking my calories and increasing water. So far I’m down five pounds.

Our house was rented as of the first. School starts next week. Hubby’s gone this week, then the last week of August. There’s another trip planned in September. Strangely enough, I’m a bit less stressed. Ready to take control of all the things hubby’s been doing for the the last few months. It’s been a nice break, not doing all of the appointments or fighting with the insurance company, but all of that is mine again. Of course, the sound of Beethoven’s Fifth, I have to do the grocery shopping too. Ugh.

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Time just flies, especially if you are busy. I will be very busy!

Upside Down

Have you ever felt like the world has gone mad? Or maybe your world, or your space in it has skewed itself? Mine has.

I have regular schedules. I try to keep everything spaced out and well planned. I don’t like last minute additions, but I can be flexible for once-offs. But this week, as my yarn goes flying across my yard, so too, my careful planning goes all to hell, in the blink of an eye.

My kids were given a chance to sign up for another ‘camp’. It’s actually four days of field trips, accompanied by ABA tutors. It’s a fantastic opportunity. The times and dates are irregular to accommodate the locations. It’s free. We found out last week. Not a lot of notice, but doable.

We have had a neurology and cardiology appointments on the books for weeks now. They don’t interfere with camp. Our ABA company decided to reschedule our times without checking with us, or anyone else for that matter. We’ve had screw ups on my part and our tutor’s due to the lack of communication.

This whole week has turned from a mildly chaotic week, to full blown chaos. We managed to get the ABA schedule readjusted to fit some of our needs, but I’m going to have 3 people tomorrow and 5 people on Thursday, in my house. Not counting my family of 5.

Tomorrow’s schedule:

0800-1130 Kids Gone Wild (bouncy house heaven)
1130-1315 lunch, calm down and chores
1315-1515 ABA introducing new tutors
1515-? Cardiology for Jamie

Kids crave structure and routine. Kids with autism REALLY crave structure. I expect by Friday, I’m going to have some out of sorts kiddos. There will be tantrums, fights, all kinds of mayhem.

The tutors are nice. They are not my friends. They come to work. I have to keep an eye on them. Sometimes, they don’t catch my kids manipulating them, or they exceed what they are supposed to do- in a not right way. Two of them are new. They lack experience with the job or my kids. So I have to communicate with them. I also watch what they do, to see if I can correct some of my parental fubars. I make them, we all do. But it’s not comfortable. It’s like being in a doctor’s office for 2 hours. My home becomes not my home. The kids know it, and so do I.

And my yarn, it flew across the yard in a yarntainer that fell out when I tried to unload the truck. It wrapped itself around the wheel well of the Otomobile, and ran across the grass, with the hat in progress, still sitting in my purse on the front seat. Ever tried winding a ball of yarn while the wind’s blowing 20mph? Not fun.

Top it all off, I was right. The neurologist evaluated Lukas’ EEG, and he’s now on seizure meds. It wasn’t as hard as getting my diagnosis or Jamie’s. having a family with two seizure freaks, made getting the testing a lot easier.

It’s going to be one helluva(n) upside down week. Cheers

Dear Lt. Jones

Dear Lt. Jones,

You walked into your chop shop of a medical clinic, with your uniform looking like you’d slept in it and unshaven, to find a fat housewife with two kids, one wearing a portable EEG on his head. She had a brace on her arm, and hey- a little overweight. Okay, a lot overweight. You made assumptions. And while you were being politic in your phrasing, you called my kids obstacles. Impediments to me getting excercise. Let me tell you about those obstacles you nodded at.

I have three children. The oldest is 13. He has autism and ADHD. He is also behind on the growth charts. We held him back a year due to his difficulties, but he’s too smart for his own good.

The oldest twin has a portable EEG once cause we are trying to catch him having a seizure. He also has autism, but he can think at logic levels that would astound you.

The youngest twin has already been diagnosed with seizures, and you guessed it, autism. He’s the drama queen and prankster. He also had heart surgery at 33 weeks, 2 weeks after he was born. I’ve watched him quit breathing and turn blue time and time again.

My husband serves in the Navy and has done so for the last 16 years. He periodically travels for his job, and until this post, he had been absent 65% of our marriage.

Yes, I see how you, maybe a year out of residency might think they are obstacles. But for me, I have sacrificed my career, my needs for them. So when I actually make an appointment, it’s because regardless of those obstacles, I hurt and made the time to come in.

I dare you to carry my load and maintain a perfect body. I dare you to see what’s in front of you. You can’t even look presentable in uniform, how would you deal with the blows I’ve been dealt?

I know I’m fat, or if you want to call it medically, obese. I’ve gained and lost with the ups and downs. I’m just like anyone else with obstacles. Either help or don’t. You just told me I can’t knit for the next 6-8 weeks.

You are an obstacle, not my kids. You are an impediment. You have no clue. I’d tell you to go to hell, but I don’t want company.


The Fat House Wife

My hubby wouldn’t let me email the bastard.

It’s 3 AM

It’s 3 am, and I’m wide awake. I went shopping and picked up a couple of pattern books today. After taking my boys out of the house for a treat, I came home and my hubby dropped a bomb. Just more of the usual.

He could lead with decent news, but he doesn’t. He always throws the worst at me first. I just go numb. It doesn’t matter if there is a solution or not.

On top of that, my ABA tutors seem to be taking over my house. One makes veiled requests. The other tries to manipulate. And they think I’m dumb enough to not notice. Really, they don’t know what they say with their faces. I know there are no replacements. I will have to put up with them for now.

So I don’t sleep. I knit. I knit till my hands hurt. My fingers swell and my wrist refuses to bend. I’m knitting a hat out of one of the books I bought. I had some wool in my stash, just perfect for the pattern.

You might think knitting is a stress reliever, but it isn’t. It isn’t an attempt to make the world quit spinning, quite so fast. It is production. Making something. Creating.

Everything works to destroy. I like to make things. The duality of it, doesn’t escape me- in order to create you must change or destroy something else.

Funk Busting

I hate inactivity. As a housewife, or stay-at-home mom, or even a Career Child Development Explorer, there’s not usually an opportunity to be inactive. There’s always something going on. But given the last few weeks’ funk, inactivity has been the big problem.

I woke up this morning feeling like I had an extra twenty pounds tied to my extremities. My head was swimming through molasses. Really. I know it’s the new regime of meds, dehydration and all other sorts of things, but that first latte took forever to make.

The problem with being a SAHM is that the entire house is my area of work. Hubby is outstanding when it comes to helping out, but the work is all mine. I’m glad that routines are established. Everything has its place. A few weeks of my inertia, and it doesn’t come tumbling down, making things worse. Hubby’s kept the ship going, and if I can get back in the saddle, things will be fine.

My twins are eating breakfast now- 2 hrs later than usual. They weren’t hungry, and I was working on a clear head. I’ve updated my “On The Needles Page”. I could do that sitting down, coffee in hand. The pups got their romp at 0830, sprinklers on in full force. We’re supposed to hit 104 on the mercury today. They won’t be romping outside again until the sun goes down. It’s 10 now, and I think I actually escaped the molasses.

So funk busting plans…

1. Water the dying flowers out front. We planted them a few weeks ago, and the thirsty little beasts require water twice a day. I do not have a green thumb! I’ve barely been getting to the front door, much less, out of the house.


2. Work on the puppy blanket, which is not on my “On The Needles” page. I didn’t want to get up and boot the computer to get all the info I needed for giving credit. The blanket is in that awkward stage, between looking fantastic and looking like a yarn tangle. My goal is to finish up the blanket portion and start the head and ears tomorrow. It is doable, but it’s only a goal.


3. Laundry. We had a serious leak from our washer, which Hubby fixed last weekend. I think I can get a few loads through the machine. That still leaves the folding and putting away. 7 baskets and growing. If I can get the kids to help, I should be able to knock out 3 or 4. I’ll hide the rest. Hubby won’t notice. Well, probably, anyway.

4. Dishes- the other never ending battle. I might be able to convince the twins to help, before lunch time. Might.

There are half a million things to do. Vacuum, mop, clean the bathrooms, clip puppy toe nails, not to mention getting an ad in the base paper. Baby steps and goals. That’s how I’m gonna roll today. Baby steps… and coffee. Funk busting at its best.

In A Funk

I’m in a funk. Knitting gone wrong. House in a mess. Clutter is accumulating at twice it’s usual rate. Puppies getting too big for their britches. Hot weather and swollen limbs. Nothing but pain. Well, and poo. Lots of puppy poo.

I got a massage yesterday. Normally you walk out feeling good, but after three months of playing hookie, my back was in knots. For a few days, I will be hurting until the soreness goes away. I go back in two weeks. Maybe the rest of the knots and kinks can get worked out.

So… Why all the stress

Lukas, the oldest twin, has been having seizures. Itty bitty ones. Jamie has them on a bigger scale, but he’s diagnosed and on meds. Lukas is new to the seizure thing. Nothing showed up on the normal EEG, so he’s going to have to do a 48 hour backpack EEG.

He’ll get a few dozen wires stuck to his head and wear a backpack with a little data recorder in it, connected to the wires hooked to his head. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Unless you are an active 6 yr old who has better things to do. I’ll be chasing him around with the pack.

Then there’s the mysterious diagnosis on the referral. I’ll just have to wait till August to find that one out. But I have new and old meds to try out. I went of the Butran patch a week ago, but I can’t drive until I know how I will be on them. I’m phasing them (the new drugs) in this week. The kids had Superhero camp last week, and I was too paranoid to risk driving them on unknown meds. I slept most of today, because of them.

I wasn’t allowed to drive for a few years due to my epilepsy. For me, that is torture. I hate asking for help. I couldn’t ride my bike everywhere. Most bases and forts are set a ways from town, and Ft. Gordon, GA was no different. The whole base sprawls. As a single mother, it was hell. The worst thing was not driving off my stress.

I love highways, and Highway 20 is an incredible drive on nice days. Atlanta is only an hour and a half west, and Savannah (not on 20) 45 minutes East. For a girl from West Texas, trees still are a novelty.

Having only two kids at home and one surly teenager out of my hair, is supposed to be less stressful. But I called to check up on Sebastian, who is at his Gammy’s house, and my mom tells me that my Dad had an angiogram this week. His heart isn’t great, but they think the meds he’s on are doing their job. So nothing further is to be done for now. That’s what I get for waiting on my kid to call. He and Dad are doing fine, I guess. I could wish I was closer, but if wishes were horses…

Superhero Camp was a bit stressful, too. The first two days were particularly difficult. Camp was two hours every morning for a week. The boys were introduced to new people and things to do. They settled in on the third day, but I had to stay for most of the first two days. I also had to rescue Jamie from an ABA tutor, who went with physical prompts before she should have. We only touch the boys for positives- hugs and high fives. That got settled quickly.

The twins did end up having a great time. Lukas loved the capes that were made for them. Jamie did not. They loved gymnastics, flying and water play. It ended up being a wonderful experience for them. Just a wee bit stressful for me, especially after being called a ‘helicopter mom’ indirectly. Labels and more labels.

Knitting wise, I’ve been a bit stymied. I made a dress for my niece. It’s cute and lacey, but for some reason I just haven’t blocked it. It’s hard to let things go. I don’t by not finishing them. Just like the baby blanket that still needs its ends sewn in. It’s sitting on my machine. I’m working on a baby blanket, yes another one, but it is crochet.

I also have hubby’s ‘Aran’ sweater in my knitting bag. I’ve reached the front shoulders, and I think I found a mistake in the pattern directions. I worked on it tonight, but had to pull out two rows. I’m frustrated with it. I did go to catch the sunset while working on it.

The biggest knitting factor has been pain. When the heat kicked in, my hands and feet got big. Swollen. Every joint in my body let me know how unhappy they were. It makes for hard working conditions. That’s on top of all the other things that normally hurt. (Fibro myalgia, back aches, etc). Really, how much stuff do I need to put up with?

Then there’s my side job- Puppies. At ten weeks old, they are cute and cuddly. If you walk up to their pen, they sit. We’ve been working in the ‘sit’ command with treats. If you put your hand in, the little rascals are like piranhas, tugging and pushing for treats. Horrible little cads. But cute. They’ve decided playing and chewing on the poo pads is a sport. Like we don’t have enough toys in there? They are terrific and funny, running so fast they collide. I will not miss the poo though. I am having trouble putting an ad out for them. I wonder why?


Needless to say, writing anything down has been difficult. Sometimes just moving, is difficult. Losing my muse, has been difficult too. I’m in the down and outs, but I’ll claw my way back up soon.

Survival of the…

The weekend. Definitely survival of the weekend! Right now it is cool, the clouds are flourishing and reproducing at quite a rate. The sprinklers are running, to boot. :). It’s Monday. My husband’s alarm went off at 6. Ghenghis was still sleeping on his pillow in its new location- next to my bed. Time to take the dogs out.

After much creaking and groaning and very sore muscles in the hind quarters, I was up. Dogs and puppies out. Cats, too slow on the draw, still in. It is downright chilly. Everydoggy piled back in, coffee made, and a very long week to look forward to. For once, I am grateful for Monday.

Friday night, I ran to my spot to knit. It was wonderfully warm, if gusty. Just a little bit of heaven, with a good view. I think I crashed early that night. Maybe around 9ish? I don’t really remember.

Saturday was a heat wave on its own. The house hit 80, with the air conditioner on full blast. I’ll have to call housing to get the freon levels checked. They may be too full. The puppies languished in their little playground. I dunked them in water, if we went out. The grass turned an instant shade of brown. We lounged all over the house. I watched movies, as even knitting was too hot. “The Burning Plain” with Charlize Theron and “Identity” with John Cusack and a whole bunch of my favorite actors. It was a very dry, dead day.


Yes, puppy pot pie.

The heat finally broke after 8. Hubby and I took the puppies out back, where they got to experience sprinklers. Hubby has set up a lazy man’s watering system, complete with timers. (Base housing rules state that we must water the lawn twice a day. They included a built-in watering system for the front, but we’re on our own for the side and back. Reducing fire hazards, you know). At any rate, the puppies had exactly three minutes to chew on the sprinklers, before they went off. Charlie and Peppin chased the water. Pots tried to get the grease from the grill’s grease catcher. Cleo was ever the intrepid explorer. It is fun to watch children find new things. My toes have hardly gotten gnawed on, since we introduced the backyard.

Saturday was almost tortuous in its laziness. Sunday was just the opposite…

My day started with a Lukas crawling into bed. Dad fell asleep in the living room. So I got my cuddles in, even if it was just dawn, when he crawled in. I vacated the bed when he decided to bring in a Gameboy. Video games at 0730? Not for me. We kicked hubby into the bed at 8. Puppies in, puppies out. We call it ‘Puppy Round Up’. It’s the time the twins get to abuse the puppies. I had to end it due to Belle, my Torbi cat, stalking puppies. They had no idea, blissfully ignorant in typical Odie fashion. Our puppies will be used to all kinds of child abuse and feline existence, but I can’t allow stalking. No puppy hunting!

Sundays are typically the lazy days. Unfortunately, having done nothing on Saturday, we had a list of things to do. After lunch, we went to the gardening section of a local hardware store. Hubby looked at me, and said, “This is your thing. I don’t do plants,” as he eyed the tomato bushes. Ha! I have a tendency to kill plants, but the twins wanted flowers. (Our front flower beds are supposed to be tended by us, with twice yearly trimming by housing. They smashed up quite a few plants last time they trimmed. Our beds are bare, but I have no intention of filing paperwork to add to their beds). We bought drought resistant flowers, soil, fertilizer, and two big pots larger enough to fit a twin in each. Of course, every time I picked out something, Dad and the boys were nowhere to be seen. So I not only had to pick everything out, but play hide and seek the entire outing. I swear hubby was trying to sneak over to the power tools. He has an addiction.

The twins demanded a treat for good(ish) behavior. Off to Starbucks, then home. I let the big dogs out for a quick potty break, before digging in to the planting. (This is where the sore hindquarters come from).

After walking to and from the house, hubby told me to stand on the walk and he’d move the planters and hanging plants. The whole point of flowers is to improve the view. Right? The wind had picked up, in the meantime. I had to stop and pull my hair back with soil covered hands, due to lack of planning.

We succeeded in getting everything in, planted and watered. I watched the wind blow the flowers, and hoped they’d still be there tomorrow. I still haven’t ventured out to check. I am also hoping those flowers are also unkillable. I’ll get the boys to help care for them, so it won’t be all on me, if they die. The hanging flowers are also low enough to the ground that maybe the birds won’t build a nest there.

I managed to keep an ivy alive for about 6 months before moving it out to my deck, in Maryland. Less than a week later, a family of robins moved in. It died, and Ghenghis killed the baby birds. I still haven’t forgiven him.

If we hadn’t just spent a ton of money, hubby and I would not have cooked dinner. We were worn out. But, after emptying the bank account for flowers, there was no money for takeout. We partnered up to cook breakfast for dinner. I made omelettes, as hubby can’t. He made the pancakes, bacon and hash browns. He and the boys got ham and cheese omelettes.

I was quite surprised at how fast Lukas shoveled them down. The twins are not known for big appetites. Jamie was a little more peckish, but he ate a good portion. They just had a check up, and both went up 7%, on the growth curves. Jamie is at 7%, and Lukas is at 14%. For us, that is huge. We had been considering duct taping them to the walls, and feeding them icecream and butter. (Duct taping so that they would not burn off the calories).

Puppies poo. Puppies poo a lot! That’s what puppies do. On my tile floor. More and more. (Add snark liberally). We are using puppy pads, and the pooches seem to have gotten the idea. Four puppies wrestling, and the poo and pads end up upside down. My after dinner chore was to lock up the puppies, clean up the pads and mop. It is not fun. But it got done.

I think I’ve been reading way too much Dr. Seuss.

Hubby bathed the boys, and we got thru bedtime. After a bit of knitting, I did a last check on the puppies, and wandered off to bed, myself. You’d think that it would be the end of the weekend, right?

I believe in ghosts and other forms of existential energies. But things that go bump in the night, well, I know what they are. If it’s drawers moving in and out, cabinet doors banging, carpet coming up off the ground, it’s not ghosts. That would be Belle and Barb, my mousers, mousing. Likewise, a fast gust of wind followed by a scratching noise- Queen Victoria wanting something.

In time the time before puppies, Victoria guarded me in my sleep. From cats and hubby. Since she’s been weaning her litter, I thought she might like her old post back. And she did, until about midnight, when a tongue up my nose informed me she wanted down. I got up slowly, took her out back, then plopped her in with her (now awake) litter. Serves her right.

I am used to those noises. I know their interpretations. I was not prepared for the big thump that landed on my bed about 2 am. At 25 pounds, Ghenghis makes quite a thump. I’d have left him there. I saw the lightning, and knew what was up (besides me). He’s a big, amend that, very big baby, when it comes to storms. However, hubby followed right after him, and booted him off the bed. Up he got again. I sent hubby to get his big pillow pad, and asked that he put it beside the bed. I scritched Ghenghis’ ears, to no avail. He jumped back on the bed, as stealthily as he could. Not very stealthy. Hubby booted him back off. Thirty minutes later, enough ear and head scritching later, he finally curled up on his pillow and slept. He slept thru hubby’s alarm, but I didn’t.


So it’s Monday morning, and I’m tired and sore. Tutors come at 1, hubby at 4, mail and packages after that. Back to predictable, planned days. Minus the school and quiet time. I’ve still got my coffee. And puppies. Lots and lots of puppies.




Pause, Un-Pause

Ok, short and sweet of it last day of school. Next year’s lined up. 504 in place. Need to go see middle school. Did you realize doctor’s work year round, even though schools don’t? I’m already planning for August, and summer’s just begun. No clue about the next two months. This is the life of a mom of special needs kids. Summer will happen. Summer camp lined up.

Still need a pool pass, but which pool? Puppies are growing. And they keep pooing. Almost time to pick up kids, last few minutes of alone time for 3 months. Projects need knitting, kids need feeding. I’m supposed to enjoy summer? Ha!

Ok, back to work…