On The Needles

July 2nd


Here’s a little dress I’ve knit. The pattern is here. It’s one of the free patterns from Lion Brand Yarn. Free patterns are often used to showcase yarn, but their Jamie line, was not available. I went with Loops &Threads ‘Snuggly Wuggly’ in the ‘Cool Baby’ color. Ok, the color is a blue/green.

I need to get the dress on the blocking board, especially to get the lace in shape. Then it needs to go to the post office. Hopefully my Nia will still be able to wear it. The dress took two weeks to make.


This Entrelac blanket just needs a few more threads tucked. It’s my pattern on the machine, hand crocheted edging with more triangles on the edge. The Yarn is Caron Simply Soft. It’s only taken a couple of weeks to make, spread out over six months. It’s been in the last stage for way too long.


This is Hubby’s ‘Aran’ Sweater. I started it in February for my “on the go” project. I’ve reached the front shoulders. I had to stop and chart the decreases, as the pattern continues up.

The pattern is simply ‘Aran Sweater’ from ‘Traditional Knitting, Patterns of Ireland, Scotland and England, by Gwyn Morgan. The yarn- Loops & Threads, Impeccable. Hubby doesn’t want expensive yarns, as he will probably leave the sweater on the floor.


Patons’s Pirouette yarn makes for good road trips. The yarn itself, is lace, with a bit of bling and color. Easy to knit or crochet, the hardest part is unwrapping the yarn as you work. There is no real pattern, but I’ve found that knitting in the top section for two rows, then a lower section of the lace for two rows, makes a nice fluffy scarf. Knitting in only the top rows of the lace leaves gaps. Yes, those are the pups napping off their morning romp.


This poor sweater hasn’t gotten any attention in the last few months. It needs sleeves and a neck. It will have to wait a bit longer.


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