Quick Knit Goodie Bag

One of our teachers has had a particularly hard week. Her husband left for deployment and her kiddo got a severe ear infection. I’ve been in her shoes, so I decided to knit up a little lace bag and fill it with goodies.

This was a quickie pattern I just did. I didn’t do a gauge swatch (gasp) or take the time to find a lace pattern. I believe in serendipity, and in this case, I think it turned out well. I knew that I needed to be able to fit hot cocoa packets and some bath salts in. I was trying to get it done before the kids got out of school, and the afternoon heat made the garage a sauna.

A word of caution. I know most of the gauges on my Brother KX-390. BUT, if you are working on a new machine, USM, or yarn you are unsure of, run several rows at different gauges to find the one that feels and looks right. You want your stitches to be even, not too long or short. The carriage should glide over the needles.

The yarn I used was an unlabeled ball with silk, merino and a few other mixes. It is soft and pliable. I picked it up in a grab bag from DBNY. It is more of a bulky yarn, and looks to be 8 ply.

The thinner the yarn, the smaller the bag. Remember that the yarn will relax after you steam or wash it, but it can only stretch so far.

Here’s the pattern

Cast on with crochet cast on 40 sts and K 2 rows by hand on the machine (unless your carriage can knit over a crochet CO).


*Pull out every 5th needle and transfer those stitches to the right. K2 rows.

Pull out every 5th needle and transfer those stitches to the left. K2 rows

Pull out the needles on either side of the 5th needle, and transfer them to the 5th needle. K2 rows*

– – – – –
– – – – –

Repeat until bag body is the length you want. K 6 rows.

Using a garter bar or transfer tools, move all the stitches so that there is an empty needle between each stitch, except the first and last two stitches. K2 rows.


Transfer again so that you have your first two stitches, *then empty needle, two stitches, one stitch, 2 stitches, repeat from *to end K 2 rows.

XX-212-212-212-… XX

K2 rows and bind off in a crochet bind off. Steam or wash your work, and stretch to dry. Sew up bottom and side. Lace ribbon or i-cord between the upper non-lace stitches. I recommend contrasting or complimenting colors. I used a button to hold the ribbon and assist in tying the bow.

Stuff with goodies.

Usually knitting machine directions and charts read left to right. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time with making a chart on my ipod, go figure. I will try to fix this, when I can actually sit at my computer.



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