Sweaters Galore

Otto was kind enough to let me post his picture in one of his sweaters.




Both sweaters are from a book,

    Knits Men Want

by Bruce Weinstein.

It’s a great book for KISS. (Keep it simple for stupid). He’s broken down his patterns to fit multiple gauges and sizes. This book also explains why knitting an angora, over the top, cabled sweater, may not be the thing your hubby wants for Christmas. Or Ever.

The multiple gauge break down is great for machine or hand knitting. And, Otto agreed with the principles given in the book. There wasn’t a project in there that he didn’t like 🙂


Holidays are here… Watch Out For Flying Needles!

Just taking a quick breather here. Thanksgiving sales led to T-day knitting. Otto has two new sweaters to look forward to, I’ve got 5 planned for the boys. Somewhere in there, I want to do a wine bottle jacket and Christmas ornaments. I knit up a quick fisherman’s rib scarf out of some Deborah Norville stash yarn. AND, I’m still knitting up some ruffle scarves. Yup, them needles are flying! Don’t forget to duck.